Community Development


Hornafrik’s activities are designed to instil confidence and make a lasting positive change to the lives of our local communities. Skills development is the forefront of this and aforementioned courses are examples of these; but we do have other parallel activities designed, not only to provide physical activities for our beneficiaries, but to provide opportunities raise the educational of children and young adults.

Some Skill Development

Schools’ liaison project

is designed to link and improve direct communication between local schools and some of the families that lack effective communication skill or sometimes referred as an English language barrier. This project also links involved children back to our tuition setting whereby stimulating for smooth schooling.

Hornafrik Tution

Hornafrik Tution consolidates school core curriculum subjects for the local school children, mainly in the out-of-school-hours including evenings and weekends. This also provides an opportunity for positive activity by linking children and young adults into other local youth activities which fits into the local council vision & plan for young people.

Hornafrk’s informal advice & guidance project

Hornafrk’s informal advice & guidance project is designed for a drop-in service for the local communities whereby links are also created for the local similar surgeries like local councillors surgery meetings, also conducting referrals for similar activities carried out by the statutory and voluntary sector bodies.